Out of the Box Counselling & Collaborations

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675 Queen Street South, Kitchener, Ontario N2M 1A1
Detailed Information

Out of the Box Counselling provides trauma informed counselling support to neurodivergent Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer and LGBTQ+ identified individuals (over the age of 12). Out of the Box Counselling specializes in supporting neurodivergent folks, Queer folks, neuroqueer folks, folks whose brains work a little differently and those who have struggled with feeling like they don’t fit in. Our team offers a range in services including 1:1 counselling, Relationship Development Intervention and Spelling to Communicate services.

Rooted in liberation and social justice, trans rights, racial rights, critical disability and queer theory, as well as evidence-based frameworks, Out of the Box Counselling works with brave people who want to do things differently. We try to work alongside of people, honouring each person’s autonomy to live their best life while connecting the personal to the political to advocate for better change on a wider scale.

Accessibilty Information For Location

We currently offer in-person (in office or walk and talk therapy along iron horse and in Willow River Park). Our office building is wheelchair accessible with ramp options. There are lever handled doors leading to gender neutral and gendered bathrooms. Krystal’s office has one 6″ step. Please reach out to discuss any additional accessibility needs that would support accessing our space.