Mandy Blake Photography

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43 Queenston Crescent, Kitchener, Ontario N2B 3S1
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Hi, I’m Mandy, an iPhone-loving, loud-talking, always-laughing, experienced photographer with unruly curly hair.  I like giving hugs, singing in the car to my favourite songs at top volume, and laughing too hard at my own (mostly dad) jokes.

I’m just your average human, trying her very best to work hard, have fun and deliver my best work for my super awesome clients. I also happen to be a proudly queer, mixed-race fat woman who co-parents within a non-typical family structure. So whatever your family or partnership(s) looks like, I’m here for it. Love is love. Family is family.

Send me an email or hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and let’s chat!

Cheers, queers!

[pronouns: she/her]