Lolo (Logan Soeder)

Detailed Information

Logan Soeder (They/Them) Hi there! I’m Logan Soeder (aka Lolo) I use a variety of mediums to create my work. My preferred medium is watercolour but I also enjoy painting in acrylics, either on site in nature (En plein air) or by using my watercolours/drawings as a guide for larger works. I love the forest, children’s illustration, and web comics. It’s hard to decide on a subject matter, so I haven’t settled! A lot of my work is based on listening to my spiritual voice. This voice tends to ring very clear when I’m surrounded by the forest (specifically trees). My desire is that those who view my work feel the same connection with trees that I do and that it brings us all closer to our roots as human beings. I am a trans-masculine, queer identified white settler living on the Halidmand Tract (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada). Drop me a line anytime, I love meeting new people! -Lolo