Anna Winge-Breen

Detailed Information

a passionate, young, canadian artist. Anna is an emerging multimedia artist from Ontario, Canada. Her work takes on a variety of forms, as she experiments with printmaking, digital art, collage, textiles, as well as traditional methods such as painting and drawing. Her eclectic work focuses on the human experience, and our relationship with the world around us. From quiet moments in nature, to unpacking heavy concepts such as death, love, and the impact of technology – Anna’s work relies on careful observation, analysis, and emotion. Anna has practiced art with her mother since childhood, and began a formal high school education in the arts in 2015. At the age of 17, she completed the International Baccalaureate Program Arts Course (2017-2018), in which she developed, curated, and produced her own self-directed series of art pieces which were ultimately presented in a student gallery showcase. Anna is passionate about promoting the arts and making them more accessible within her community. She was the head of the Art Council at her high school, and later worked as an executive for the Laurier Creative Collective. Always looking for ways to give back to her community, Anna has held art sales to raise funds for organizations such as Black Lives Matter Toronto, Communities United Against Police Brutality, SPECTRUM KW, and Muslim Social Services. Anna is currently a full-time Neuroscience student, and a freelance artist.